Mittwoch, 27. Januar 2016

The vascularity special

This special is all about vascularity. If the women get closer to contest shape the veins starting to come out. Some have better genetics for this than others but in the end it shows the hard work the women put into their bodies. Who has your favourite kind of vascularity? And on what bodypart do you like it most?

As usual you can vote for your favourite women at the bottom of this site.

Kashma Maharaj:

Claudia Partenza:

Estefanía Saura Moya:

Federica Ortu:

Jennifer Sedia:

Irene Andersen:

Jay Fuchs:

Monica Delgado Ojeda:

Sharon Mould:

Vicky Moutopoulou:

Of course you find all the videos of this screenshots on

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