Montag, 25. Mai 2015

Model of the month May - Yeon Woo Jhi

Hello everybody,

we are starting with a new series called model of the month. We like to give a shout-out to the great models we worked with so far. And we think the no better model to start with than Yeon Woo Jhi.

We spotted her for the first time at the Arnold Classic in Madrid 2013. She just won the physique class there. We have been a fan of her from the very first minute and had the luck to shoot with her 2 times so far.

Her combination of beauty, muscle, style and elegance is really one of a kind. Yeon is a very polite, friendly and down to earth women, a real sweetheart. She is a great representative for the sport.

We hope to work with Yeon Woo Jhi many more times and wish her good luck for all that is coming up in her bright future.

Your femalecityflex-Team!


  1. I love your work with Yeon Woo Jhi. In my oppinion she has the beauty of a goddess! I hope you will collaborate with her many more times. Good luck for you all!

    Your fan

    1. Thank you very much femcepsfan. I am pretty sure we get the chance again to work with her.