Sonntag, 25. Januar 2015

The amazing Jay Fuchs

We have been very lucky to get the change again to shoot with the amazing Jay Fuchs. She is a wonderful person and great athelte. And since a few weeks she is now an IFBB Pro athelte. Congratulations to you again Jay. I am sure she will definately rock the pro stage. Swiss power!

We worked with her in Zürich in Switzerland last November. It was an awesome gym shooting. It is so easy and so much fun to work with her. It was a great experiance. Here are a few screenshots from the shooting:

 Of course you can find the videos of these screenshots

Sonntag, 4. Januar 2015

The stunning Ifbb Pro Jennifer Sedia

We are very happy that we had the chance to work with the amazing Ifbb Pro Jennifer Sedia. We shot her just one day after she competeted at the Ms. Olympia in Las Vegas. It was a wonderful sunny day in Vegas.

We shot her in 3 different outfits. And what can I say, she look georgeous in every single outfit. She has a perfect balanced body combined with a great size and defintion. It was so easy to work with her and it was so much fun. She is a real sweetheart. We would be very happy to work with her again.

Here are a few screenshots from our shooting with her:

 Of course you can find her videos of these screenshots