Mittwoch, 23. November 2011

Introducing Cindy Landolt

Today I like to introduce you to the great Personaltrainer and Fitness Model Cindy Landolt from Switzerland.

Cindy says: "I learned from an early age what it takes to strive for my own goals and achievements. I spent 11 years training as a Gymnast, laying the foundation for a future in fitness. In my pursuit of self improvement I developed the skills needed to keep me on track both physically and mentally; this in turn brought me personal success and the ability to help guide others through to their own goals.
Through several years of studying sports, fitness, rehabilitation and nutrition, I gained a deeper knowledge and understanding of all aspects of physical improvement, allowing me to specialize in what I offer you today.
In my view, being happy means to find a balance between work, leisure time and physical activity. To keep a clear head during hectic times and tackle life's challenges with a smile. Feeling fit and healthy are the most important conditions for a happy life! A healthy body equals a healthy mind." (taken from her website)

Cindy just got online with her new website and I have to say it is really stunning one. If you are interested in working out and you are looking for some great motivation this is definately the place to be!!!

Check out her website: and become a member of her facebook site!

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