Montag, 21. November 2016

Introducing the amazing Silvia Eiras Gonzalez

We had the luck to shoot with the beautiful Siliva at the Arnold Europe Classic in Barcelona. She is an amazing athlete with a wonderful physique. Her trademark are definately her huge arms. We had a brilliant shoot with her and I am sure many more will follow in the future.

Here are a few screenshots from our shoot with her:

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Sonntag, 4. September 2016

The biggest women on FemaleCityFlex - The mass special

This is definately the top class. The best of the best in female bodybuilding. This women worked there asses of to reach this mindblowing level that we all love. Here are the biggest women we worked with on femalecityflex.

Oana Hreapca:

Virginia Sanchez:

Theresa Ivancik:

Sharon Mould:

 Natalya Kovalyova:

Laura Carolan:

Kashma Maharaj:

Jennifer Sedia:

Jay Fuchs:

Irene Andersen:

Gillian Kovack:

Emery Miller:

Amanda Aivaliotis:

Claudia Partenza:

Janeen Lankowski:

Of course you find all the videos of these screenshots on

Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2016

Introducing the wonderful Laura Carolan

Today I like to introduce you to the wonderful Laura Carolan. Laura won the FBB Class at the Tornoto Pro Show. Her shape was absolute stunning. Amazing size combined with an out of this world defintion. She simple has no weak parts. Very balanced. But if I would have to pick a favourite part I would definately say her mind blowing glutes. They are just epic.

Here are a few screenshots from our shooting with her:


Of course you find the video of these screenshots on